Cooptrol is the main project of electronic musician Hernan Gonzalez (Johannesburg 1976) based in Montevideo, Uruguay. After some years of experimentation into industrial music and other genres, Gonzalez started Cooptrol as a dubtechno project in 2000.

Subsequently and into the 00´s, the project got more into experimental abstract electronic music and audiovisual performances, producing several releases and participating in many festivals in Latin America and Europe.

By the beginning of this decade Cooptrol returned to the dub realms, combining the more esoteric sounds cultivated before with the more accessible tropes of dance music. Releasing dub, techno and house Lps and Eps on labels Spezialmaterial (CH), Kizi Garden (CA), Astelaguel (DE), Clang (DK), Totoyov (BR), Pulse (UY), on personal imprint Tiredbeat, and participating in various international festivals such as Live Performers Meeting in Southafrica and ICAS Festival 2015 in Germany.

Present activity includes producing releases for Tiredbeat and other labels, gigging locally and internationally both with audiovisual performances and club sets, and the occasional collaboration and remixes.

Hernan is also a teacher of Electronic Music Production at ORT University of Montevideo since 2015.

Main Live Performances (links to videos)

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_Pulse Records Launch - Radisson (Montevideo)
_SoCo Festival Showcase (Montevideo)
_4x4 Collective 1 Year Celebration (Curitiba, Brazil)
_Error 909 (as Two Phase U) (Montevideo)
_Orbit (as Two Phase U) (Curitiba, Brazil) 


_Pulse - live streaming (Montevideo)

_Lola - Live Edition (Montevideo)

_Soco Festival Concierto

Experimental 2


_Legends (Punta del Este)

_Phonoteque - Lives Night (Montevideo)

_Soco Festival Concierto

Experimental 1

(w/Flatten) (Montevideo)

_El Barril - Face 2 Face (Montevideo) _Rio - ToF Showcase (Montevideo) _La Casita (Manantiales)
_Soho - Gipsy Life  (Punta del Este) x2 _Saturno (Piriapolis)


_El Barril - Cosmic Funk (w/Amdet) (Montevideo)
_Soco Festival + CTM Clubnacht (Punta del Este)
_Warehouse Radio (Montevideo)
_Lotus Club - Fluss (Montevideo) _Golden Beats - Live Edition (Montevideo) _Voila (Montevideo) _Key 10 Years (Montevideo) _Saturno - Live Edition (Piriapolis) _La Radio - SUR Showcase (Barcelona)


_Full Moon (Punta del Este) _Weed Flow Zone (Montevideo) _Barcito Halloween (Punta del Este) _CCE Filba Festival (Montevideo) _Phonoteque - Lives Night (Montevideo) _GAS Showcase (Montevideo) _Key Conference (Montevideo) _Synchronizer (Montevideo) _Play Me - Live Edition (Montevideo) _OVO (Punta del Este) _The Modena w/Alexis Cabrera (Montevideo)


_Phonoteque – LIVE Night (Montevideo)

_CCE Soco Festival w/VJ Chindogu


_Frequence – Mata Hari (Montevideo)
_W Club – All Nylon w/Alejandro Vivanco (Montevideo)
_Crop Fest (Montevideo)
_Paullier & Guana – Circuitos (Montevideo)
_Punto Monkey – Experience (Montevideo) _Blow – All Nylon w/Jeremy Underground (Buenos Aires) _The Warehouse (Montevideo) _OVO Club – Under Mood Live (Punta Del Este) _OVO Club – Astelagüel Showcase (Punta Del Este) _Seminario Internacional Narrativas Hiper Textuales (w/Martín Craciun as Flatten) (Montevideo)


_SOCO Contrapedal Festival (Montevideo)
_Phonoteque – LIVE Night (Montevideo)
_BJsala – Beatamin (Montevideo) _SOHO – Pichiflautin & The Gang (Punta del Este) _Moweek Fashion Festival - Livni-Escuder show (Montevideo) _ Museum of Modern Art of Buenos Aires – Escuchar Festival (Buenos Aires) _CCE – Noche de los Museos (Montevideo)

_Arts Faculty – SOCO Festival


_Live Performers Meeting (Cape

Town, South


_”Supremacía Uruguay” performance, w/Fabián Barros at: Live Performers Meeting (Cape Town, South Africa), The Wrong (Montevideo), Laboratorio de Lenguajes Transversales (Montevideo)

_Fortnightly radio show at Future Music FM (UK) with Cooptrol live sets and guest DJ sets


Live at Décimo Piso (Montevideo)

_MVD Imagine (Montevideo)
_IAB Forum (Montevideo)
_Kabuki W lounge (Montevideo) _Premios Graffiti – “Danx” best electronic music album nominee (Montevideo) _”Techno My Way” (interactive audiovisual installation), and “Mesa Hermética” w/Fabián Barros, at Art Futura Festival (Montevideo)


_Pueblo Nuevo Festival (Santiago, Chile) _Desachate Festival (Colonia, Uruguay) _TDI New Media Festival (Neuquen, Argentina) _Matucana 100 Festival (Santiago, Chile) _Estudio Elefante (Santiago, Chile)

_SOCO Festival (Zavala-Muniz,


_Techné Festival (w/Martín Craciun as Flatten, quadrophonic concert) _Urbana Winter Sessions (w/Martín Craciun as Flatten) (Montevideo) _Cain Dance (w/Martín Craciun as Flatten) (Montevideo


_Contrapedal Festival (Montevideo) _VisualAP (Córdoba, Argentina) _ ABSTRACKS Performance - Casa Brasil (Córdoba, Argentina) _Desachate Festival (Punta del Este) _ Dorkbot Montevideo (w/Martín Craciun as Flatten) (Montevideo) _Teacher at Max4Live workshop - Casa Brasil (Córdoba, Argentina)


_Pudel Club (Hamburgo) _Altes Wettburo (Dresden)
_Dense (Berlin)
_Treibhaus (Luzern)
_Bad Bonn (Freibourg)
_Sossoul (Bern)
_NIU (Barcelona)
_Vermell (Manresa) _Convent Saint Agusti (Barcelona) _Miscelanea (Barcelona). _”Sesiones Orientales” w/Fabian Barros, at Barcelona and Montevideo


_Dorkbot Montevideo
_Cubo3 Fyslab (CCE). _Teacher at Electronic Music Workshop - Universidad ORT (Montevideo)


_Pudel Club (Hamburg)
_M12 (Berlin)
_r3s3t (Bern)
_Cyclone (Aarau)
_Boschbar (Zurich)
_NIU (Barcelona)
_Experimentaclub 07 (Madrid)


_Plataforma Soundtoys (Alliançe Française, FAC) _Espacio & Frecuencia (MNAV) _Max/MSP/Jitter workshop (CCE)


Suramerica Electronica (FARQ)
_404 Festival (Rosario, Argentina) _Fuga Jurasica (Buenos Aires)


_Fuga Jurasica (Buenos Aires) _El Dorado (Buenos Aires) _Encuentro Electronico III (Bogotá)


_Festival Innova (Sala Zitarrosa), Fiesta Final, Milenio, Vaughan, Plaza Mateo, Pachamama, Planetario, Perdidos, Fiesta X, Fiesta Final, Festival Contrapedal, Open Park, various clubs in Montevideo.

Not listed: many live shows in the 1990’s as a heavy metal drummer in Uruguay.