Cooptrol is electronic musician Hernan Gonzalez (Johannesburg 1976) based in Montevideo, Uruguay. After some years of experimentation with industrial music and other genres, he started Cooptrol in 2000.

The project digs into experimental abstract electronic, dub and techno music, and also audiovisual performances. Cooptrol has produced several releases for various labels, and for personal imprint Tiredbeat. He has participated in various international festivals such as Live Performers Meeting, ICAS, and Mutek.

Present activity includes producing releases for Tiredbeat and other labels, gigging locally and internationally both with audiovisual performances and live music sets, and occasional collaborations and remixes. Also producing music and live sets for his other project Two Phase U (Hernan's first aka in the 90's). In 2019 this project has released Eps and many tracks on vinyl for different labels, and toured Europe plus playing in many southamerican countries. In 2022 Two Phase U continues releasing music and playing live.

In 2020 cooptrol released the "Decaedrum" LP on the 20th anniversary of the Cooptrol project. This is also the 10th Tiredbeat release, and an addition to the Cooptrol series that started with Hexaedrum in 2012 (TB01). The track previews of this release are accompanied by a set of animation videos. In 2022 the Abstracks IV audiovisual interactive installation is displayed at the EAC museum in Montevideo, and an app version is released for free download. In 2023 Cooptrol is invited to do the new Abstracks V audiovisual performance at the dome of the City Planetarium of Montevideo.

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