electronic music producer | audiovisual performer

Cooptrol (2000-) is the main project of electronic musician and visual artist Hernan Gonzalez (Johannesburg, 1976) based in Montevideo, Uruguay. His work consists of audiovisual performances, installations, club live sets, and experimental, dub, techno and house releases on various labels and on personal imprint Tiredbeat.

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Amdet (2005-) is a side project focused on electronic dub and dubtechno music. Releases, remixes and collaborations, plus a live band format. Amdet currently includes singer Bruno Terra and producer Camilo Ramirez aka Rulo. 

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Flatten (2010-) is an experimental electronic music collaboration with Martin Craciun. Techno deconstruction in a multimedia live performance context.

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Tiredbeat (2012-) is a record label that releases all Cooptrol related projects and other artists.

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Tono Sound Production (2006-) is a company focused in scores and sound design for advertising and film. 

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